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1. Individuals with extream wealth

1. Individuals with extream wealth are viewed by many as authority figures due to various reasons.

  • An image through the media is one which creates the presence in people general conscience
  • Their command over people, products, economic decisions in their financial effects through their businnes dealings
  • Considered to be successful people as they are able to generate wealth (in the financial sense)
  • The importance they have over politics and financial influences they can impacts have upon political descisions

As they are often employers of many people they have a social importance of their work that creates jobs – or at least they are able to employ people when they wish. People are dependent on having jobs to fullfil a few different things. Personal skills, life balance and income for the individual are vital for human lifestyles. Governments need the cash from employed people to pay taxes on their income and for whatever they can buy with the remaining income, with provides more tax revenues and jobs for others. Without the employers there would be a massive problem, and the system would collapse very quickly. Maintaining social order through worklife balance is something inbuilt through most cultures. Without this kind of regular routine of life all hell would quickly break loose. Maintining this delicate balance of these three parties is of upmost inportance to most if not all communities.

It is an important point to mention here is that some rich people are not active business people, they are mearly invstors that try to play markets to earn cash have no direct effect on peoples jobs, which is a possiblly more detrimental way of wealth creation as it is only ‘more financial wealth’ for the self as the target goal over the ‘wealth of the human relationship’. There are also other people who are mearly rich through other methods – this can be numerous in the varieties. This is another topic which is to be considered at a later point – not for this post.