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3. The effect the rich people have on society

  • Change attitudes in culture depending on the demands made by the employer
  • Social structures can be easily manipulated through people that are paid more than others
  • Wellbeing of those who receive too much and those who receive too little create resentment, hostility and polarisation

Labour unions are often the place where a fight back to re-address the balance is made between the lower workers and higher management, also public shaming in mainstream media and social media is a new phenomenon. However is it the job of governments to regulate the wealth of people, and how much they should be giving back to the communities which they are making their money from. The wealth balance is an important thing to have maintained. The rich seem to forget they are making money from people, they are not making it from thin air, it is from the work and effort of those that have contributed to the total wealth.

When the rich have vast amounts more money than the poor there are many bad effects

  • The rich are able to buy and control many social factors and influences eg: housing
  • The value of the poorer people’s wealth is less as the rich become richer
  • People become more desperate to become wealthy as the only means of being financially secure
  • Life becomes more aggressive and cut throat business becomes common place
  • People are looking for every opportunity to take advantage of others
  • A toxic circle that leads to a self destructive society is created
  • Over industrialised and pressured consumerist society
  • Poor become dependent on consumerist society to earn a living
  • Rich can control the value of the money the poor people have
  • The rich become iconised through their position

The poor people living off less money, makes the richer richer. They can buy even more from the poor who value money at a much higher value.

I have started to understand at a deeper level the contribution to a stressful, deeply divided society that is created through the pressure of financial corruption in a society. A continued pressure for progress, development and financial gain is driven by the need to feed the toxic culture financial self worth. It is a difficult topic to address as the rich are often considered as untouchable, or the victims of jealous people, and that they deserve to have more money than others. But in reality they’re the toxic and unhealthy side of society that has driven over consumerism, and other topics as climate warming to become a massive problem.

Where western society is in a place of comfortable lifestyle, but the pressures to maintain it at such a high level of productivity is causing many deep and problematic long term problems. This prevents the lifestyle from being enjoyable due to the pressure to maintain the amount of wealth the rich people have.