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AI ends the progress of humanity and starts the domination of technology

Humanity has developed through co-operation, learning, and developing what we know. We have used our skills to create things that we need for ourselves and others from what we have learnt through generations of human interaction. What we currently see are people developing technologies that are copying skills and talents that have been developed by humans, and reproducing such similar skills in a way that make the humans no longer viable to continue to use such skills.

What this enevitably creates is a terribly sad situation. Where it become pointless for humans to learn, develop and create services and skills becuase instantly a machine will do whatever they do much quicker, better and cheaper than a person can do. Why such machines are being created is a question that is complicated to answer. But the problems casued by them undoubtedly will be greater than the benefits. Where humans are no longer learning and developing through slower development and evaluation through generations.

AI is another quick fix solution with many promises but undoubtedly will become hard to protect ourselves from its negative posibilities. Example of nuclear power was seen as the perfect solution to all power needs, yet the problems of nuclear power soon revealed themselves in toxic poisoning through contamination and explosions. All this whilst the waste products continue to be problems for the next few hundreds if not thousands of years at least.   Whereas natural power solutions such as wind and solar are proving to be a much better alternative in every aspect. Not to mention nuclear weapons which cause the greatest security issue for the entire planet. In all apects nuclear has been more of a problem than benefit to the security of the human race.

Yet crazy people desperate for something perfect are creating another technology that can casue many more problems in our daily lives for the sake of ‘progress’ which in fact will take away the means of progress from humans and put it in the hands of a machine. It is a lie that it will progress the human race. It may produce a few results quicker, but how many results do we need? there will always be more problems. When there is already so much information, so many results that we no longer know what time of day it is, they will become as pointless a benefit as nuclear power. With so many dangers to the safety and security of the human race that this technology can cause, it will soon stop the progress of the human race because it will destabilise entire cultures and communities.

The desperation for speed of development is partly a driving factor of the ‘need’ of AI. The issue at the heart of this is why the modern life is travelling so fast and desperate. The collision that will follow could be very painful, especially when the real topics such as climate change are more important to resolve than pushing very expensive and power hungry new technologies that could further destabalise whole economies and cultures.

On top of that it will prevent humans learning for themselves, and slowly developing improvments in cultures and communities. AI will not be the answer for everything, it will be the answer for the cause of the biggest problems that happen in the next generation.