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AI is the next generations ever problem?

Geoffrey Hinton has warned of the dangers posed by AI. During his resignation from Google he has described his regret of the techonolgy and explained how his fears of the capability of such systems can become dangerous.  He described how the technology has evolved quicker than expected and amoung the frequently discussed problems of mass manipulation of information, the ability for systems to evolve and learn in a way that can become beyond the capability to safely manage.

Is AI to become the next problem to protect ourselves from? Along with climate change, wars and politics. Is this the next self created battle that the human race will need to shield itself from? The harmful effects of such a powerfull technology can only begun to be imagined, how long will this battle last? Is this to be the beginning of an everlasting struggle for survival against an evil that we are actively creating? This is not a predetor, desease, food security or environmental issue that has natural boundaries. It is something some people are desiring to create.