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How to build a last minute sledge

A sustainable sledge made in 5 min – for free.

What you need:

  •  An old pillow
  • Optional: a normal plastic bag
  • A big reusable shopping bag (better with a longer handle)
  • Some packing tape

Put the pillow in the normal plastic bag and then in the big reuseable shopping bag, close it with tape at the top so the snow cannot enter and you are ready to go!

Stearing is not so easy. With a bit of practice you might be able to change the direction with puting down a foot on the ground (same direction you want to go).

Tip: the more people you join together the faster and more fun it gets! Of course it also becomes more difficult to stear ;).

If you want to make sure the kids are not sliding off cut two holes in the bag so they can wear it as “trousers”.