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The Greed Index

Based on the concept of how the rich and wealthy are glamorised and worshipped by many. When in real terms these people are the primary building blocks of excessive and distructive lifestyles which cause so much toxic and negative directions for our culture and environment. This is the starting point for what is a complicated subject and relates to our own lifestyles.  Especially as many of the idolised rich and wealthy are influencing the lifestyles the people choose to live.

This index will take time to consider all the influences and what is required for well being. And what more that people take which places them in the greed index. As well as showing that the rich, powerful and famous might not be all that good for the world, it will also help ourselves reflect on what we need and what becomes greed.

Countries, politics and other such establishments are also well known for toxic and destructive measures based on greed for more than what is needed.

There is a certain point when ‘more’ in many different things materialistic or other does not equal a better quality of life. This index will help us to understand what this is. In our own life and what is acceptable for others to have.

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