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Life Satisfaction: The Satisfaction Line

In comparison with the ‘poverty line’ where people are measured on their physical wealth, the Satisfaction Line can help people understand if they are satisfied with where they are in life. With the previous post considering many aspects of what brings life satisfaction, it can be difficult to measure where you are on the scale of what you expect and how you are in terms of life satisfaction.

Life satisfaction allows someone to consider, reflect and understand what requires changes to help improve the value they have in each aspect of the life they lead. It can be confusing as one factor will always affect another factor. This can create harmonies that allow one thing to become good when balanced with another aspect. Whilst each aspect alone might not be of value. So time to evaluate and experiment is always required to find the right balance of certain activities and behaviours. The right people mixed in are always a big part of this evaluation, which can make it an evolution which is always slightly changing.

So how will the satisfaction line be defined? This is still to be decided but here are a few starting points.

  • Balance of individual aspects working with each other
  • The right mix of people involved
  • Time to consider, reflect and understand what works well for you