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Life Satisfaction: Introduction

In todays endless race towards becoming fullfilled by whatever means possible, there are many distractions and promises which flout insecurities and temptations. This becomes nothing more than taking you further from finding our own sense of contentment and life satisfaction. The battle of businesses to project your next need as their solution is exhausting to avoid the traps and manipulations that are constantly thrown into your perspective through all the different media forms.

This project is about a similar measure to what is describe in the poverty line for communities as to the sense of well being as a measurement. This is not so much about how to measure other societies and the sense of well being they live under, more a way to judge you own consideration of contentment. Many people and promotions attempt to adjust your persepctive to a place where you feel that you require their service to enable you to become content and satisfied. This project is about helping you find a place of your own measurements where you are able to safely balance and consider your life satisfaction without being under the requirement to buy something at the end of the day.