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Off The Grid: Overview

Independence is a highly promoted luxury that is fashionably what people strive for in their lifestyles. Yet independence is highly reliant on all the support networks. Social networks are one support system. The other support systems are everything that you require in order to remain healthy, warm and safe.  This project idea would start with a few posts investigating a few concepts around depending less on the systems which supports a normal modern life.

Housing is one of the most important things to have to live well. There are many problems that can occur. Basic maintanence, and larger problems can take a lot of effort to manage. Food and water and warmth are also basic fundementals that need to be secure for comfortable living. These are the basics but there are many more services that we are depenedent on, each of them reduce our independence, and our dependence grows. Being able to survive less on these servces, without these services completely.

There are many political, environmental and social reasons that you may be interested in these possibilities. This is a starting point to consider a few different possible directions in which a more focused project could coma from.