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The Greed Index evolution

Greed is the toxic end of competition.

Where the desired result is to be overpowering and controlling competition is no longer healthy or fair. Where never ending domination continues for the long term future. Dictators desire this kind of similar control and power, as well as capitalistic economies, it is also found in all other forms of social structures. Often counter weight powers are created, civil wars against dictators, trade unions against overpowering management and government controls over business that become damaging environmentally and financially. These are a few examples of what is a balancing act constantly happening in every part of society. Yet the rich have become richer and more of an elite powerhouse to a more powerless population. Technological control is also on the rise at a very high speed, likely making this situation even worse.

The Greed Index project has started by looking briefly at the celebration of the extremely wealthy people, and the respect that these people earn due to having a command of such huge amounts of cash. Further considerations for this post:

  1. Why are such individuals celebrated
  2. Why is desired to have so much money
  3. The effect of these people image on society