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Visualise the wealth balance: Part 3/4

Part 2 Summarised the motions of a healthy wealth distribution.

Part 3 Will look at the unhealthy wealth distribution

The Capitalist economy is highly geared towards creating the following model, whilst other economies often have the similar circumstances through corruption, criminal organisations, royalty, politics and other such endeavours. Capitalism actively celebrates it, whilst other economies do it subversively.

The charts in part 2/4 showed the flow of wealth between many different areas of society where there is a continuous movement of all the wealth meaning that the value of the wealth remained stable and trusted. The next chart is the same swimming pool of wealth but all of it has been horded to one side by a small minority of people.




This chart is a very sad situation for an economy and society. The majority of people are living on a very small part of the wealth that belongs to everyone.

  • The wealth is no longer flowing between all the parts of the community
  • The total wealth can no longer be valued as so much of it is hidden from others
  • The economy becomes highly stressed and polarised

The wealth flow moves exclusively amongst the rich making a huge set of problems for all the people that they are making poor. The requirement to live with much less of the wealth in the society because the rich see themselves as deserving more of it than others is a pivotal problem in a fractured society.



  • Extremly stressful because of the control, power and manipulation the rich can perform
  • Makes the currency pointless because people have such a small amount of it.
  • People will look for other forms of currency which can be traded fairly
  • Society becomes resentful of the rich who abuse and ruin the wealth of a currency