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Visualise the wealth balance: Part 4/4

Part 3  Looked at the unhealthy wealth distribution and the economic cycles

Part 4 Will consider how the rich cause social and economical depression

The richer someone becomes, the poorer others must be. The more money someone continuously takes out from an economic flow – other people not able to use that wealth. However they obtain this wealth is not really the question as many rich people can get away with things that are criminal, no matter if they got their wealth through legal or illegal methods.

Rich people as a small exclusive group are dependent on the poor being poor. Without the poor, all the rich have lost their power. All the things they can buy or demand is lost without the poor having to doing everything as they need in order to receive money. The chart below is a quick example of how the rich could lose all their wealth in euro in a flash. All the poor people get together and create a new currency called  ‘Other Euro’.  All the euros they have are changed to this new version by writing on each coing and note ‘other euro’. The rich are not allowed  to use it. Now all the poor people will no longer be poor, they will be able to freely use this currency without the fear that all the rich people will take it all away and make them desperate to have some of this currency. They will be back to the swimming pool of wealth shown in part 1. Currency will be able to flow again as they are no longer fighting against the rich who are stopping the share of wealth.

And what happens to the rich? They cry and complain that now all their power, control to do whatever they want is gone. They can only share this normal euro amoungst a very small group of people who cannot really do much and they become the poor.

Another option is the cut off. the chart below caps the wealth and person can have incoming. This concept changes many things.

  • The rich are far less rich. They can buy far less, and control less of the poorer peoples lives
  • The poor have become much richer as the money they have is more significant against the rich.
  • The shared swimming pool of wealth is much more visable and viable
  • The white section is the part which can be returned back to the society to continue its use.
  • Everyone has a clearer perspective of the total wealth between everyone

The rich are however aware that they have to diversify their wealth to protect themselves form the value of only one source of wealth. Whilst poorer people don’t really such an easy task of doing this. Yet the point of this study for the greed index is to find a way to explain how the greed of the rich casues such problems for a currency. A currency when stable and reliable should be able to give people comfort so that they do not need to be so desperate for seperate sources of wealth security.

As a society and social order is intended to provide security and comfort for all those who are part of it. It is shame that such greed of wealth is considered acceptable. It can be considered as the rich are extracting all the comfort, security, and validity of all the people who are trying to be part of the society in a supportive and contructive manner.

The interesting point I have realised during this piece is the destruction of a currency value by the rich. Financial resecessions are very confusing for many. Even those who ‘manage’ financial institutions play such complex games that things go wrong. Everyone has lived through some kind of financial crisis to understand that the ‘experts’ don’t really know what going on either.

The chart below shows an even more extream version of the polarised wealth divide.


The poor have nothing of the currency – it is all held by the rich. Then the money no longer has any value. the poor no longer live off that currency. The rich can do nothing more with that currency as the poor no longer value it, can use it or trust it. Then everything crashes for the value of the currency. For the rich and poor alike.

The last point for this piece is the desperate rat race everyone is in to be rich. Many people want to be rich so they have social security and stability.  They often do not want or need excessive luxurious lifestyles, it is more about not worrying about becoming homeless if they lose their job, or how they will survive in their old age. Using the same graph as before we can consider that the ‘exclusive rich club’ everyone is hoping to join. But of course the rich are not going to allow that. Only by keeping the majority of other people poor makes them stay rich.

If everyone joined the rich group next week, then we would be back to the equal shared swimming pool of wealth. Of course then the rich would no longer be rich and their excusive luxury life would dissapear in seconds.