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Where to start: The Greed Index

As mentioned in the introduction, often the most wealthy people on the planet are admired and looked upon for ‘successful’ people. There is a well known company based mainly about promoting these ideas and lifestyles at Forbes. Indeed the very first menu is about Billionaires. Are these also to be considered the greediest people on the planet?

Let us start with a really basic and generous calculation:

  • The highest average salary in Europe is around €5,300 Gross. ref: wiki
  • Say we live for 80 years without considering the fact we don’t really work for the first 20 years.
  • 80 x 5,300 = 424,000 €
  • That is nearly half a millions euros for an entire lifetime
  • Now let us take this in comparison with how much money the top of the list of Forbes has 250.7 Billion Dollars.
  • We have an issue with currency so I did a quick currency conversion which converts to 252,981,370,000 Billion Euros
  • So we use this and divide the lifetime amount 252,981,370,000 / 424,000 = 596,654.2
  • So this person has enough money for 596,654.2 lifetimes.
  • And this is a well paid person.


There are many things to start to consider:

– The damage to the world caused in order to create such an amount of wealth

– The damage a lifestyle that uses this kind of wealth does to the world

– The damage for the influence people with this amount of wealth can do on societies


Wiki ref for average salary: here

Forbes: here