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Will AI become a banned technology?

Many technologies are already banned to be used in society. There are many restrictions for a number of other materials, machines, chemicals amongst many other things. There are also many rules and regulations managing the behaviour of businesses, and people with law. These are primarily based through governmental management, and international regulations. Some other things are socially unacceptable and managed through interactions, protests and conversations.

Chemicals, viruses, weapons, and war are all highly regulated and controlled through rules and regulations due to the fact they are so powerful and destructive to the welfare of the human race. We are all to painfully aware of what a lethal virus can do to a healthy population, as much as chemicals being pumped into our atmosphere causing the destruction of our lands, health and environment. Weapons from handguns to nuclear are all terribly destructive to the well being of our neighbours and self. Even war has rules and regulations as we as a human race have come to understand how terrible these events are.

Chemicals which have been seen as a wonder substance such as CFC’s where discovered to be destroying the ozone layer. Within a very short period of time this chemical was banned in all use and now slowly the Ozone is rebuilding to protect the human race from the harmful Sun’s rays once more. There are many, many examples where we as a human race have realised how damaging a technology is to us. And therefor managed its use or banned it completely.

With the pace of life going ever quicker every year through technological evolution, the digital addiction is something everyone is aware of, yet walking deeper into every moment. Life burnout is become ever more present and information overload is already a problem, too much of little value is being pumped into our brains by organisations desperate to grab your attention for a few more moments to make a few more values of your favourite denomination – which is constantly changing. What is strange is the apparent accepted need of further evolution of technology to save our desperate human race. The question now is – is the technological evolution actual causing more problems than benefit?

One example is the industrial revolution that we are only coming now to understand the damage to the climate is has caused. We have survived for many thousands and thousands of years with little more than a weapon for hunting. We are very capable to survive with much less than we have already. We already know that we need to reduce our impact on the worlds environment and resources. Not continue to explore ways to exploit it.

Now we seem desperate for something that is becoming so capable we will lose control over everything that humans have been working to achieve for a long time. The ability for this new technology to manipulate, manage and duplicate over such a vast amount of information is growing at a pace which no one can keep up with. Many people are working hard to build the next version all with the aim for profit or control, all with a never seen before network of communication.

When AI has learnt how to directly manipulate people, or can control all security systems against the safety of the people. On top of the complete bombardment of information from the intense amount of cheaply, quickly built, junk digital media that intends to take away the purpose of many people’s livelihoods. Where will be the crossing point where AI becomes deemed too dangerous for our society to continue its use?


Some people profess to be using this new technology for good. Most will be using the technology for profit. And a good few more will be using it for evil. All of these people will be using very weak and flawed justification for the need for such behaviour. Most of it is based around speed and answers, but how fast do we need to live and how many answers do we need?

Will AI become a banned technology?

When the results start coming through then maybe. When self driving vehicles start selecting people on the streets to kill. When your phone starts telling you what to do which you cannot ignore. And those which are in control of AI start to also become the targets, then maybe the tables will turn. Just as nuclear weapons and viruses are a threat to one society – that any country is terrified to use them because they know another country will destroy in return the aggressor society with the same weapon. So many other lethal dangers like explosives, guns, medicines and chemicals are all controlled by governments because of the danger they threaten to human society and life – will AI become quickly also on that list?